Mineral Exploration

Orbit Drilling the driving force in exploration drilling

We have proven ability in the delivery to clients of the highest standard of safety, best practice and productivity in complex infrastructure projects. With a track record of over 16 years of experience and meeting the needs of our clients we have built a leading reputation in exploration drilling exceeding our clients expectations.

Orbit Drilling has the capacity to conduct sampling collections from rig mounted cyclone splitters, trailer mounted cyclone splitters to portable cyclone and splitter systems.

Our modern, diverse fleet is able to access all terrains and our dedicated team have the capabilities to deliver on time and on budget.

Cost Effective Drilling

Drilling Techniques

  • Reverse Circulation
  • Diamond
  • Air Core
  • RAB
  • Mud Rotary
  • Auger Drilling

Drilling Applications

  • Exploration Scout Drilling
  • Environmental
  • Geochemical
  • Water Boring

Protecting our Environment

Minimising the impact for future generations

Our commitment is reflected in our Environmental Policy to control the effects our operations have on the environment, we work hard to exceed all environmental standards and find new ways to incorporate sustainable outcomes. Our drilling equipment fits into 3 environmental categories, Low Impact, Medium Impact and Heavy Impact:

Low Impact: DR1, DR2 and DR5

Our 6 x 6 Landcruiser range of Drill Rigs and ancillary equipment provide low environmental impact with the capacity to drill up to 100m vertical. These machines are very cost effective for first pass drilling and ideally suited to RAB/ Aircore application, they are also capable of RC hammer work (with auxiliary air connected).

Carbon emission calculations for this machine burn diesel fuel at an average rate of 20 litres per hour.

Medium Impact: DR6 and DR12

Our range of Drill Rigs and ancillary equipment provide RC, Aircore and Diamond Drilling capabilities up to 240m vertical whilst maintaining a substantially lower environmental impact than other machinery with the same capacity. DR6 and 12 are all mounted on 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 trucks. These machines are manufactured with a low centre of gravity, which provides greater mobility in rugged mountainous terrain.

Carbon emission calculations for these machines burn diesel fuel at an average rate of 40 litres per hour.

Heavy Impact: DR10, DR11, DR14, DR16, DR17, DR18

These machines have the capacity to drill up to 400m vertical. The Drill Rig itself provides the hydraulic capacity to reach these targets however the rig itself will not provide sufficient air to lift the cuttings and penetrate the rock therefore another truck is required for the auxiliary air compressor. The drill rods, a standard 4 ½" RC rod weighs 195kg. Recommendation is 5 to a ton or 30m to the ton. A 300m hole is 10 ton of rods, which cannot be carried on the Rig due to weight restrictions and safety reasons so an additional truck is required. These machines are classed as large footprint machinery, extensive clearing is required to accommodate them.

Carbon emission calculations for these machines burn diesel fuel at an average rate of 90 litres per hour.